Uninstall Minecraft game from your computer quick and easy.

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Unfortunately Minecraft has an installation system that does not ask where you would like to save the game.

We will show you the steps to uninstall Minecraft game.

Step 1: In your file explorer, go to the C:/ unit, then go to Users folder and click on the one with the name of your computer.

Step 2: Get into the AppData folder. If you do not find it, might this be a hidden folder. To disclose, if you are on Windows 8, go to the tab View and make sure that the option Hidden elements is checked. Then the folder will be right there.

Step 3: Enter to the folder called "Roaming". When you are there, must be a folder called *".minecraft" * and may will be the first of the list.

Step 4: Delete completely the ".minecraft" folder. Deleting all the content on this folder, you will have the game uninstalled.

If you have any questions with the uninstallation, please refer to the comments section.

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