Earlier we explained how to build our weapons and armors in Minecraft.

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There are situations where you are close to many monsters, and if you not being an experienced player, weapons and armor will not be enough to survive major battles.

If anything is to help you in it, it is the potions. Because this will not only save your life in many opportunities, you can also use them as weapons, and others will improve your skills.


We will start by explaining how to get and craft each material in order to be able to produce all available potions in the game.

Something primordial for your potions: One or several glass bottles, necessary for the mixtures.

To make them you have to look for some blocks of sand from the banks, you can use a showel of any material to extract more quickly.

Then place the blocks of sand in an oven to convert them into blocks of glass.

And finally you can make bottles as follows:

Materials to get

1. Sugar

You get it from the sugarcane usually located on the banks of the rivers, on top of blocks of sand.

2. Brown mushroom

Generally you find brown mushrooms in the woods, some like giant mushrooms that when destroyed will drop small mushrooms, in addition you can find them in Nether (Underworld).

3. Spider eye

You get them hunting spiders that you can usually find at night, or in caves.

4. Slime ball

It is obtained by hunting the Slimes, which are green and square monsters, usually appear in marshy areas.

5. Blaze's Dust

You can get it from the Blaze, which are usually located in the Nether (Underworld) fortresses.

6. Watermelon

The watermelon is usually found in forests, you can slice it more easily using a sword.

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