In this second part, we will name the missing materials, which you will need to be able to make potions more easily.

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From gold nuggets, plants, and materials obtained in the Nether (Underworld) are the ones that you will use for the manufacture of potions and thus to avoid having problems when they lack materials.

7. Gold nugget

You get it from the pig zombie man, you can find them usually in the Nether (Underworld).

To hunt them you have to be very careful, since they are peaceful monsters, but when attacking only one, those who are around will attack you.

You can also get the nuggets of gold ingots as follows:

8. Redstone

It is obtained by mining, when mincing Redstone ores will provide Redstone.

9. Shiny stone dust

It is obtained from the shiny stone blocks found in the Nether (Underworld).

10. Nether wart

It is a plant that is usually obtained in the fortress of the Nether (Underworld).

11. Carrot

The carrots are usually found in the harvests of the villages.

12. Gunpowder

It is obtained from the creeper, monsters that explode when approaching. To catch them you have to be very careful and do not let them approach, as they explode at a distance, when they die they will drop gunpowder.

13. Ghast tear

They are obtained from the Ghast that are in the Nether (Underworld). When Ghast dies he will drop Ghast tear, sometimes dropping gunpowder.

Some of the 13 materials we named above can be combined to form the materials we will name below:

1. Fermented spider eye

We will need the following: 1 Fungus, 1 Spider's Eye and 1 Sugar. Combining these elements will give us the fermented spider eye.

2. Shining watermelon

We will need: 1 watermelon and 8 gold nuggets. The combination will give us a shining watermelon.

3. Magma cream

For the magma cream we will need: 1 slime ball and 1 Blaze dust. Combining them will generate a magma cream ball.

4. Gold carrot

We will need: 1 carrot and 8 gold nuggets. Making this combination we will obtain a gold carrot.

Continue with the following article, where we will talk about the preparation of potions using all the materials we explained above: Brew Potions (Preparation - Part 1)

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