We all would like to have some advantages in Minecraft game.

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Next, we present six tricks recommended by experts in the game that can be very helpful.

  1. Destroy sand more easily

    If you do not want to waste the blade while eliminating sand blocks, you can put underneath the torches to destroy them. This allows destroy other blocks while we work with the shovel.

  2. Peaceful mode

    If you have problems to collect food or want to build your place quietly, go to options and enable peaceful mode. This will make creatures do not attacking you.

  3. The torches can hold a lot of weight

    A nice trick is to build on the torches, as these can hold a lot of weight, allowing you to create stairs with interesting designs and more.

  4. The oven and wood

    With experience you will realize that the oven can turn on with any material that is made of wood. A useful tip when we do not have wood and we need to use the furnace.

  5. Swords and axes

    If we want to cut faster melons and cactus we should use swords, while the axes work best with pumpkins.

  6. Signboards and stairs stop water

    If you want to stop lava or water, you can make use of signs, signals or stairs to stop the flow.

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