For those who are new to Minecraft, surviving the first night will be a great challenge.

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So, follow these steps to achieve your goals quickly during your first session in the game:

  1. Collect wood and food. The first thing to do is get some wood to build a place and food, so you have something to eat when you are hungry. Search somewhere near you.
  2. Establish a base of operations. Look for a place to leave all your supplies and start building, but do not stay away too much time, you might end lost.
  3. Build a table and a coffer. A table will be useful when you have to build something, and the box will help you to store things you got. Create them with the wood you collected in the first step.
  4. Search stones and coal. If you start digging, you are going to find blocks of stone and coal, this items will be helpful to build several kinds of contructions.
  5. Build your home. With stones and collected wood, build a home; in order to obtain refuge from monsters.
  6. Build an oven and prepare some meat. The next step is to build a stove for cooking the meat you collected at the beginning. 2012-11-14_172857_4136822_lrg-3
  7. Find an enemy. By now, probably it is dark, so you can go out and find some enemies. Do not worry if you die, because you will simply return to your home.
  8. Explore. Now that you had gotten the basic ingredients to survive, it is time to explore and see what Minecraft has to offer. Remember to always have some food and wood to stock up.
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