If you want to install Minecraft without problems you have to read this article.

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Follow these steps to install Minecraft game successfully.

Step 1: Go to the official website page Minecraft.

Step 2: Place yourself on the upper left side of the page that shows the links that say "Download" and give click here.


Step 3: It would leads us to another page fulled with text. On the column in the right, we'll see a link that says "Download Minecraft For (Windows/Mac)", the we're going to click the green button that says "Download" and a file that isn't heavy, will begin to download. This is the "installer".


Step 4: When you finish downloading, we will double-click the installer and it may happen that:

-You don't have Java Runtime: An ad will pop saying you don't have Java with an Accept button; and after you click it will take you to a new window in your browser, that is the website of this application. If this happens, download Java and install it. Once it's done, we'll back to initiate Minecraft.

Step 5: When we have already installed Java, the Minecraft installer begins. We'll see a white window where some text starts appearing and after some time a start panel similar to the one below will appear.


Step 6: If you are not registered, click on "Create new account?", which will open a window to the registration site Mojang (Minecraft creator). Complete all the information, confirm the message that is sent to the email you put on the form, and then try to log into the game.


This version was made for a demo account, but if you bought the game, instead of "Play Demo" only "Play" should appear. When you click on that button, the application will start downloading a file that is the game, and once it has finished, the game is ready to play!.

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