Minecraft is one of the most successful craft game in history.

It’s an open-ended game where players decide what they want to do by themselves!

Enjoy digging and building with 3D blocks in a large world. We'll show how to download the Minecraft game:

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Get Minecraft Free

You can download Minecraft safely and free:

Download Minecraft from Mojang

Notes - You can find a installation guide and how to uninstall the program on this website. - If you have questions about the program you can visit the comments section or use the contact information. - Clicking on the download link you agree to the terms and policies of the site and the EULA of game.

This is the official launcher distributed for free by Mojang.

This is a version to test the game as a demo and is completely free. The game can be played free, but for the multi-player mode, a Minecraft server is necessary.

There are many Minecraft servers, and there is also Mojang service, called Minecraft Realms, which allows the creation of multiplayer world.

For mobile devices you can download Minecraft Pocket Edition. This app is avalaible for Android and iOS. If you want to know more about Minecraft Pocket Edition, click here.

Minecraft for PC is based on the concept of the free world, we can build and move wherever we want. In addition, you can play online and in multiplayer mode.

It also exists several Minecraft launchers to improve graphics and to have some extra benefits.

The video game platforms that support this game are Xbox, Windows 10, Mac, PlayStation and for mobile devices are iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle Fire .

Game Mode

If you have any questions with the download, do not hesitate to contact us.

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