Find Rubies in the game and buy whatever you want.

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As we move in the street we can find cubes, objects, building materials or animals. This is the way to "loot" in Minecraft Earth, very different from what the original Mojang game has accustomed us to.

This virtual currency allows you buy exclusive content such as Buildplates, mods and more blocks.

Earn Rubies when you collect a tappable from real-world or levelling up.


Get Rubies For Free

The best way to earn rubies is opening tappables or completing adventures.

Each time you gain experience playing Minecraft Earth you will increase your level and be rewarded with rubies to buy new Builplates.


Rubies are also available to purchase in Marketplace and you will see balance at the top of the screen.

Tappables Guide

Tap an object that glow and interact with it, tappables are placed in all the map in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Tappables are categorized by rarity:


Minecraft Earth is a free to play for mobile devices and is available to share the game with your friends and build in at life-size. Discover the best AR game of the year now!

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