Crafting or building in Minecraft is not as simple as it seems.

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In the article Minecraft for Beginners we explain the first steps to play. Here we will explain how to make each tool in the game, either by hand (2x2) or making use of the work table (3x3).

You should know that in Minecraft there are different types of trees such as oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia and dark oak, which provide different types and colors of wood.

And with any of these types of wood you can make a work table.

At the work table or by hand, you can make sticks and with them you can make tools or chests, necessary to store surplus objects or valuable minerals.

With the sticks the following tools can be made:

After making your own tools, you can start hunting some sheep with your sword to get woolen blocks and make them a bed with them, which is useful in order to advance the nights in the game.

In places filled with stone, you can use the wooden beak and chop until you reach an area containing blocks of coal. You can use the stone collected to make tools made of stone.

The manufacturing process is the same as that of the wood tools, then making use of the stone peak you can get the coal from the blocks of coal, very useful to manufacture torches that will serve to illuminate very dark or little visible places.

An oven can also be made from the stone collected, in which the carbon obtained for cooking the meat of cow, pork, fish, among others can be placed.

Then you can get a good amount of wood to build a house, if possible you can implement stairs.

Something that should not be missing in a house, is a door, useful to avoid destroying walls of the house when trying to enter or leave it.

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