We continue with the second part of how to prepare potions in Minecraft.

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Remember that it is necessary to observe the articles of:

So that you can prepare your potions, without having problem with the ingredients that are necessary in each elaboration.


We will now discuss the preparation of each of the above mentioned potions:

1. Night Vision Potion [1 Golden Carrot, 1 Redstone]

Place an abyssal wart in the alchemical alembic to obtain the strange potion, and then 1 golden carrot.

That will result in the Night Vision Potion (3:00 minutes).

If you add 1 Redstone, you increase the duration to (8:00 minutes).

2. Invisibility Potion [1 Night vision potion (3:00 minutes), 1 fermented spider eye, 1 Redstone]

First you need the Night Vision Potion (3:00 minutes), then add 1 Fermented spider eye.

It will result in the Invisibility Potion (3:00 minutes).

If you add 1 Redstone, its duration will increase to (8:00 minutes).

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