We have already seen how to obtain the materials to prepare the potions in the previous articles:

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And now that you know how to get each material, we will explain the preparation of each potion.

The essential thing for the potions are the bottles, which are obtained from blocks of sand on the banks of rivers or beaches.

Then cooked in an oven to get glass blocks

To prepare the potions you will need an alchemical alembic, in which you can place bottles and make the respective combinations that we will explain below:

For the alchemical alembic you need: 1 Blaze rod, 3 Rocks.

You can get blocks of rock by chopping blocks of stone, with a beak made of any material.

Then you will need 1 Blaze Rod that you get in the Nether (Underworld)

Finally, these elements are combined to create the alchemical alembic:

Now that you have bottles and an alchemical alembic, place the alembic as follows:

Then fill the bottles with water, on the shores you right click on any block of water to fill the bottle. After filling the bottles, place them in the alembic.

Now we will explain the elaboration of each potion:

To start making the potions, you will need as main material the nether wart, which you get in the Nether (Underworld) within the fortresses.

Then place the Nether wart in the alchemical alembic.

To obtain the strange potion with which you can make all the existing potions.

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