If you want to explore new worlds within Minecraft, you will need to go well equipped and prepared.

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For example, in the Nether (Underworld) there are monsters that can cause you more damage than the monsters of the normal world. To enter this world you need to create a portal.

Before creating the portal you can equip yourself as follows:

To begin with the portal, you will first need obsidian blocks, which can be created by a flow of water entering into contact with lava.

Then remove the obsidian blocks with a diamond peak, you need at least about 14 blocks of obsidian.

Build the portal frame as follows: 4 wide by 5 long.

Can also be constructed in this way, it is optional.

Then you will need a flint, you get it by destroying blocks of gravel with a shovel, for this you need to destroy several blocks of gravel and some will drop flints.

To finish you will need 1 iron ingot, which is obtained by mining and melting iron blocks in an oven.

Using the flint and the iron ingot you can create a lighter in the following way:

Entering the portal will load the Nether (Underworld) where there are the following types of creatures:


This monster is aerial and throws fireballs that explode and burn. To hunt it is necessary a bow and many arrows, when dying will drop a Ghast Tear.

Zombie Pigman

They are peaceful creatures until one is attacked and the whole group will attack you. Some of them, when they die, drop gold nuggets, and others will drop swords of gold.


Monsters who attack by throwing fire. When dying they will drop Blaze rods.

Magma Cube

Magma cubes are monsters similar to slime and usually attack when one approaches them.

Wither Skeleton

Monsters that do a lot of damage, a single hit will cause the Wither effect that damages your life bar for every second, lasts 10 seconds. You find them in the fortresses of the Nether.

I hope you enjoyed the article and enjoy this hidden world of Minecraft. If you liked it we recommend you take a look at the other articles to be an expert in Minecraft.

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