The nights in Minecraft are very dangerous if you do not have protection or some weapon to defend you of the monsters.

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And to protect you, you need an armor made of any material.

Which will be very useful for surviving a long night abroad, whether exploring new lands or mining in caves.

We will explain each type of armor:

1. Leather Armor

A basic armor, has an extra level of protection of 3 1/2. Leather is obtained from cows.

2. Iron armor

This armor is more durable than leather and gold armor, giving you 7 1/2 level of protection. Iron is obtained by mining, after obtaining iron blocks are melted in an oven to obtain iron ingots.

3. Golden Armor

Gold is a tricky mineral to get, offers less protection than iron armor, has a protection level of 5 1/2. Gold is obtained by mining, then the gold blocks are melted in a furnace to obtain gold ingots.

4. Diamond Armor

This is the most durable and resistant armor, it gives you a level of protection of 10. Diamond is obtained by mining and you do not need to use the furnace to obtain it.

Now we will explain how to build each armor:

The construction of all the armors gives of equal way with the leather, iron, gold, diamond. Here we will explain the making using diamond to example.

To build the cap

To build the front

To build pants

To build the boots

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