Minecraft may seem to many a rather strange game because of its retro and pixelated style.

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It can also seem some bored by the lack of instructions or tutorials in the game, but once you learn to play, it becomes addictive.

In Minecraft you can do many things, and there are some curiosities that you might not know:

  1. Creepers flee when an ocelot or cat approaches them from the 25 or 30 blocks.

  2. If you want to have infinite water in places far to the shores, add 4 blocks of water, together anywhere and when removing a block of water, it will regenerate automatically.

  3. If you make that a water flow makes contact with lava, you will form obsidian. If you make a lava flow make contact with water, you will form stone.

  4. Watermelons can be sliced faster by swords and the pumpkins can be sliced faster by axes.

  5. If a skeleton attacks you and at the moment you are behind a creeper at a considerable distance without it explodes, the skeleton will continue to shoot arrows, and these will fall to the creeper until dying and drop a musical disk.

  6. When you put four saplings of fir, dark oak or jungle tree, by applying ground bone (bone powder), a 2x2 wide giant tree will grow.

  7. You can create giant zombies with the command /summon Giant. To enter this command, you must press the 'T' key.

  8. Nether fences with normal fences (any wood) cannot bind to make a unique fence.

  9. You can invoke a Wither in the End, where the Enderdragon is located, what will happen is that there will be a great fight between the Wither and the Enderdragon.

  10. The mother rock (base stone) is said to be indestructible, although there are rumors that if it can be destroyed by applying some 360,000 TNT (Dynamite), enough to cause our PC or laptop to collapse.

  11. When you get all the music discs, there is a strange disk between them, the Disc 11, which appears to be somewhat destroyed or mistreated and when placed on a record player, will play a somewhat disturbing recording.

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