We continue with the fifth part on how to make all existing potions on Minecraft.

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So that you can make your potions, without having any problems with the ingredients, necessary for each elaboration.

15. Strength potion II [1 Strength potion 3:00 minutes, 1 Shining stone dust]

This potion increases strength until 260%.

Place in the alembic 1 Potion of Strength (3:00 minutes) which we previously explained how to create it, and then add 1 Bright Stone Powder.

To obtain the strength potion II (1:30 minutes).

16. Impulse jump potion [1 rabbit's foot, 1 Red stone]

This potion allows to jump higher and reduces damage per fall.

Place in the alembic 1 Rabbit Paw.

To obtain the Impulse jump potion (3:00 minutes).

If you want to increase its duration, add 1 Redstone.

To obtain the extended jump potion (8:00 minutes).

17. Impulse jump potion II [1 Impulse jump potion 3:00 minutes, 1 Shining stone dust]

It allows to jump up to 2 blocks and reduces damage by fall.

Put in the alembic 1 Impulse jump potion (3:00 minutes) that we explained previously its elaboration.

Then add 1 Shining stone dust, to obtain the Jump Potion II (1:30 minutes).

18. Water breathing potion [1 Blowfish, 1 Red stone]

Place in the alembic 1 Blowfish.

To obtain the water breathing potion (3:00 minutes).

And if you wish to extend its duration, add 1 Redstone.

To obtain the Extended water breathing potion (8:00 minutes).

And now that you have watched how each potion is made, you will ask: Why create potions that take us life or hurt us?

Since these potions cause damage, you can add an extra ingredient, to turn them into weapons and with them to cause damage to the monsters. It is about the gunpowder, ingredient with which you can make:

1. Throwable potions (any made potion, 1 gunpowder)

These potions have instant effect at the time of use, do not require time like drinkable potions, are made by adding 1 gunpowder to any potion, if it is a potion that has an estimated time of effect, when converted into a throwing potion, its duration it will be reduced.

We explain the effect of gunpowder on all potions:

- Night vision potion (3:00 minutes) + 1 Gunpowder = Night vision throwable potion (2:15 minutes)

- Extended night vision potion (8:00) + 1 Gunpowder = Extended night vision throwable potion (6:00 minutes)

- Invisibility potion (3:00 minutes) + 1 gunpowder = Invisibility throwing potion (2:15 minutes)

- Extended invisibility potion: (8:00 minutes) + 1 gunpowder = Extended invisibility throwing potion (6:00 minutes)

- Fire resistance potion (3:00 minutes) + 1 Gunpowder = Fire resistance throwing potion (2:15 minutes)

- Extended fire resistance potion (8 minutes) + 1 gunpowder: Extended fire resistance throwing potion (6:00 minutes)

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