In previous articles we talked about how to prepare food by hunting animals.

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In Minecraft you can also make your own food using seeds and vegetables, you can harvest them and then prepare your own food.

This is the list of foods from plants and vegetables that you can elaborate, some of them you can cook in an oven:

1. Bread (3 Wheat Grains)

This is the first food you can elabore in case of emergencies, and you can get it from the plants that are in the grasslands. You have to destroy some to drop seeds.


Then you can use a hoe to plow the land (you should always plow the Land next to a block or stream of water to be able to harvest). Then place the seeds in the plowed earth, wait for them to sprout and grow.

Then destroy the blocks that have matured and they will drop 1 wheat next to a pair of seeds.


And so continue until you get 3 grains and with them you can make bread at the work table.


2. Tart (3 Buckets of milk, 2 Sugars, 1 Egg and 3 Grains)

The pie is a great food as it can quickly raise the bar of hunger, and can be used several times.

First you need milk that is obtained from the cows, with a bucket you right click on the udders of the cows. (You need to fill 3 buckets).

Then 1 egg, which is obtained in places where there are many chickens.


Then you will need sugar, which you can get from the sugar cane, usually located on the shores on the sand. (You need 2)

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And finally 3 wheat grains that we explained earlier how to get wheat.


The tart will be created this way:


3. Cookies (1 Cocoa seed, 2 Wheat grains)

For the cookies you need 2 wheats that we explain in the first point its elaboration.


Then you need cacao seeds, which are obtained from the trunks of jungle trees, usually found in jungle biomes.

Now you can make cookies as follows:

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